WP Website Migration to the New domain

How to Transfer a Website to a New Domain? Move your WordPress site to another domain. How do I change one domain to another? Migrate to a new domain name?

Migrating to new domain: Reminder to myself

1. Zip/ compress – Copy (download) old files ()

  • upload /extract – paste to new correct folder location

2. Export database from phpMyAdmin,

  • create new database and user, 
  • add user to db with ALL PRIVILEGES, 
  • Import to new db 
  • wp_options edit live and home options to new domain
change url name in the phpmyadmin to the new name or domain

Add User To Database

add all privileges to new user in mysaql

3. edit wp-config user and database to new credentials

if 404

4. reset permalinks,

5. Change in wp-config mysql to localhost

6. Check server/ Cpanel default caching

cpanel default caching system conflict with wordpress caching