BING introducing AI power Bing and EDGE ChatGPT | How about SEO

BING introduced AI powered search, Next generation search and browsing infused with OPEN AI

bing chat search panel discovery ai based
New BING search/Chat page Source of the img: Official BING blog

What BING search did seems amazing and the search community is following the topic more and more.

BING Will save a huge amount of web searching time

What Yusuf Mehdi told in the video is that BING will give

  • answers with a source link
  • and show search to the question queries on the same page but different tab.
  • Feedback button

And BING search is massively improved and hope will be more attractive and precise with showing the right results. Trace the results of your webpage with BING webmaster tools.

BING webmaster tools offer a great tools for tracing and optimizing not only for BING search results but rather for all SE. Implement the google search account into BING webmaster tools and voila.

I have a new page where I asked the chat about the Bing vs Google SEO and more information’s about the chatgpt / OpenAi

Artificial intelligence. Quote by Rambo Amadeus.

Artificial intelligence can only be outplayed by stupidity or absurdity!!

BING CHAT option

In the mentioned video since there is a waiting list to see OpenAi CHAT for your self shows that the panel when Chat is clicked will be shown with separate panel for chat.

max. 2000 characters

Where you with max. 2000 characters in one question you can ask and wait for the answer. Included is a question suggestion as well ( just before the input field).

bing chatbot in bing search
Bing chat in Bing search

Topic related tread

The chat is Topic related it means is redefine the chat with a new question and already shown.
This principle or the results is what people write on Wikipedia but with Bing will be more customized and personalized to your query and search interests.

BING chat languages

Although is not mentioned in which language you can use chat option other then English, shown/offered answer can be by a command text translated in 100 languages.

Massive search time savings with EDGE Chat

Bing introduced on Windows ( 1.4 billion users) with updated EDGE chat panel which do a time savings queries with open file/page/document
Key moments of the page are right shown with suggestion which came from AI. Even you can compare the results from other pages not leaving the open topic on the same discovery panel.
Great if you want to read the news and not been treated with fake news, great for other people impressions and reviews,…

AI creativity?

Create a post with Chat Bing sidebar compose panel

ai writes text and posts
Creativity of AI for publishers img source: Bing blog

With a click on the EDGE discover panel tab you can write a post and publish it online.
No quote source links needed here since is auto generated by AI which use the source of other authors published online or stored locally. The results shown in the search are linked.

No, citations, credit needed blame AI.

In the video there is a part where recipe ingredients are listed from a search. So if you go shopping and some is missing blame AI and go again or order online.

Can me suggested BING few keywords chat post been shown somewhere else as well?

Seems that can be similar, but I need to test it for my self to be sure. But definitely this option of Bing providing AI Chat creativity will create a lot of spam across the web. But on the other hand discover panel can trace other results with same topic which allows you to generate answer depending of your interests and needs. After all there is a Google which can judge a bing AI chat results.

“Created with AI” signature in the created post?

No mentions so far.

Back to Google from Bing AI chat

AI Generated Content Is Against Guidelines

Google’s Search Advocate John Mueller says content automatically generated with AI writing tools is considered spam, according to the search engine’s webmaster guidelines.

Search Algorithms are still pretty new with this matter and AI is getting “smarter” so this is a cat and mouse game. But Search algorithm is addicted of removing spam.

What I see that some pages with generated text are showing high in search but after some time they just disappear.

Example is when you search for some local content and you click the page where the text is full of search terms and is showing almost 100% your search queries with a place you live in. After further search you see that the whole webpage is using same content with other pages just changing the tags or “city names”.

With AI generated text you can have a multiple duplicated texts across the web.

If you want to have a long term business do not just copy paste whatever.

BING Microsoft just announced new AI feature and Barry was there to update us all.

What is Google’s answer to this BIng chat?

The answer to the BING’s AI Chat is BARD

Using AI or ChatGPT for inspiration

Is a great tool with the keyword suggestions from SEMRush and others. After some time you will see that returning audience is lower and lower. I would use more ethical approach of writing texts.

Using AI, automatically generated content or ChatGPT for title tag generation

Is not a right approach since you know your audience better then others.

ChatGPT for SEO

Any kind of text with a human final editing is approved by Google. Basically means: Use if you want AI to get text but edit the text to be more human reading friendly. Write the text for humans if you target them 🙂

Can AI create a lie

Repeat a lie a thousand times and it becomes the truth, read more on BBC

If the AI gives the same text over and over again with different users and copy paste will results in repeating what Ai suggested even is a lie o truth. Simple example are bots on Twitter and social media’s. If they target your post with the same comments, oh dear.

Ethics in AI and behind BING chat?

What Microsoft said. Primarily is build for users usage.

and internet is saying. W3 on AI ethical approach of machine learning

One interesting fact regarding Ethics: On the open day of the nuclear institute SCK CEN here in Belgium there was a question regarding disposal of nuclear waste ethics and sending waste to the outer space is not considered ethical but on the Earth “is”.

AI other then search

AI is since long in the music industry and in the beginning when one note was needed and Ai can write a song further waas a cool thing to do but people recognize very well when AI wrote something.
Related to music. In Vienna I attended great a bunch of machine learning meetup talks which is a great thing to stay updated.

My Conclusion is

AI suggested you write!

“with a little help from my friends.”

AIBot’s Safety

With the rise of the AI also rise a concern of misusage. An article “A Novel Botnet Capable of Performing Distributed Artificial Intelligence Computing” explains in detail what concerns the users the most.

Is there a way to block BING AI bot to crawl my website?

Is pointless. SInce if you block chatGpt who is not crawler Bing will crawl the website directly or throught the third party websites. Seems that Bing bot crawler is using the crawled data to perform ChatGpt AIBOT showcases and answers. The question is how secure can we be in the future if just ask a right question to AIChat 🙂 about the particular website.

Disallow through robots.txt if you want


If you want to read more about the bingbot check their Bing webmaster help page.

Ai ChatGpt Bing will store/save the answers?

Training for chat improvements are always presented so basically means that Bing may keep investigating more over the topic by improving the answers in the future by saving and compering the showed answers. More about training in Ml nad DL. This topic I will leave to the others to discuss.

Microsoft Edge collects a set of required diagnostic data needed to keep the product secure, up to date, and performing properly. The required diagnostic data includes device connectivity, configuration information, software setup, and inventory. Microsoft uses this diagnostic data to troubleshoot issues and keep Microsoft products and services reliable, secure, and operating normally. For more information about diagnostic data on managed devices, see Configure Windows diagnostic data in your organization and Microsoft Edge diagnostic data group policy.

BING max URL characters

The maximum URL length is 2,048 characters. To ensure that your URL length does not exceed the limit, the maximum length of your query parameters should be less than 1,500 characters. If the URL exceeds 2,048 characters, the server returns 404 Not found.

Microsoft Edge Privacy

Browser privacy promise is to provide you with the protection, transparency, control, and respect you deserve. To uphold commitments to give you transparency into Microsoft products, the Microsoft Edge team provides this privacy whitepaper.
Full understanding of how your data is used, how to control the different features, and how to manage your collected data.

In order to improve your experience in Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Bing, Microsoft News, and other Microsoft services, when the setting for this feature is enabled, Microsoft Edge will collect and use data from your web searches in Microsoft Edge. Microsoft will use your search results activity to make everyone’s web and search experience better, more relevant, and useful. The data Microsoft collects is from searches you do across the web, including sites Microsoft doesn’t own or operate.

  • Microsoft Edge will scrub and de-identify the data by removing data identifying the person or device from which it was collected.
  • Microsoft doesn’t use any information we collect to personalize or provide ads to you.
  • The data Microsoft collects is never associated with your account or your device.
  • This data collection and setting is not available on managed devices.

The data Microsoft collects may include the search query, the search results that are displayed to you, and the interaction you have with those search results, such as the links you click. Microsoft may also collect demographic data.