GSC facts

Google Search console Anomalies, drops, increases, average impressions, clicks, clickthrough rate (CTR) and position.

My viewpoint.

Explained in pictures and few words.

gsc position update after update or web site started to be visible with new keywords

Position drop because of the Google search core update?


New conetnt keywords introduced within Google search and starting with position 60+.

Web Site started to be searchable with New keywords. Most important keywords position is fixed and stable. It affects the average position.

Clicks increased because of the Google update?


Seasonal keyword.

In this scenario or case is the holidays season and people do search more related with the content of yours.
Get ready for that moment by the Higher position all year (out of season) and react fast when changes are happening. Request indexing will be much faster if you improve the content all year long.

CTR increased because of the Google update?


Improved Meta Title description.

Check with the GSC what people search and give them Title description answer with one search related plus word. It works!

When people search they give Google keyword suggestion about your website(if showed). When Google introduces this keyword by finding it on your content you may see a average position drop.
This a very good thing since Google started to trust your website more.
To be sure: I GSC, Click/select the page with related keywords and see if any drops happened. Be visible with one search keyword will give you more keyword suggestions.

Google Search is like a journalist asking you questions and giving the readers multiple answers.

To be continued.