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SEO consultant and specialist
SEO is about Be always present with the constant overtime ranking and CTR improvements

What is Search Engine Optimization and how SEO works?

Improoving the sale by optimizing the web pages with SEO
Comparing the results. Blue line is the web page presence without SEO and Orange is with SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is:

  • A part of the digital marketing strategy,
  • an affordable investment which is helping search engines to understand and present your web content of all sizes and types in the search engine results and rank them accordingly by position.
  • SEO helps your site to bring more organic traffic with on-page and off-page SEO. Other then website text content is possible to optimize Images and Videos (read more at MUM part of the text).

Organic Search – Direct traffic- Social – paid

The perfect search engine is understanding exactly what you mean and giving you back exactly what you want.

Larry Page

How can I do basic SEO by myself for website?

On you own: First you need a basic knowledge about how SE works and what are your customers relevant needs of searching.
What people search they click, what they see on Google is SEO. That could be manually added or what Google bot crawled and found most relevant with your search. More relevant optimization and position more clicks is seeing by high CTR.

The future of Google search engine and SEO?

What Google stated is that the completely new Google search engine is under construction. That doesn’t mean that they are not testing in this version of it. What they said is that new Google will be personalized. Only I can guess but will be that user interaction will lead to showed results in search. So if you optimize your webpage it doesn’t means that will be shown to all users. The web page will be shown to users which AI detects more matching, similar like YouTube is using for recommended videos. Will see.

Do I need a website when there are LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and other social media and social networking services?

LInkedIn is a website/App. Facebook is just a website/App. Everyone who is considering to have a successful social network channel should have a website and offer more information and data to the customers and users.

Web architecture _ URL structure

Think about Site Hierarchy and Navigation before publishing. Hierarchical navigation means that the menus change depending on the context of each page the same as News online portals are doing with the listing the news pages.
The has a great articles how to do SEO.
Content re-publishing and changing the page structure (parent page) without 301 redirecting will cause a 404 error SE cached page and not indexed pages from SE. With yoast wp plugin wp do redirections automatically. Keep in mind the number of redirections.


Publicly available Content:

  • via https:// protocol should include
  • a good written indexed content and tag it
  • with once with H1 and whoever you need with H2, H3,… p tags,
  • good design,
  • Title links (Title description) – good and unique title for each page,
  • A snippet description or meta description,
  • one page one keyword optimized,
  • up-to-date information’s,
  • relevant keywords appear on the page in the headings and body of the text,
  • recommended with No spelling mistakes,
  • include synonyms (multiple words mean the same thing),
  • not using forbiden words,
  • have good a photos ( images (include filename of the image with alt tags)) and videos,
  • optimize the URL tittle (+ SEF, search engine friendly),
  • submit it to Google (sitemaps, inspect url status in the Google Search Console)
  • Find a hosting company that provide servers in the targeted area of doing business, just for better user experience service not SEO.
  • Please follow up with Google content guidance

According to Google, quality content means far more than just the text. It includes the images, layout, how everything is presented, page speed and other factors, some of which relates to the user experience and how information is delivered to a site visitor.

John Mueller


Google ranks your web page with the points. Smaller score better. New and updated Content on the websites is gradually updating the Google’s base of knowledge and by that the keywords score. That’s why stay updated is important.

Google vs users trustworthy

Count importance of both but keep in mind that users are the ones who are bringing you benefits. Google has a data on which they perform analysis and ranking. There is always a delay with a relevance and if your website is not ranking as you wish maybe some new core update will bring it to “justice”.
Yes, they at Google are saying content is the king but they rank the pages where the most people click.
Example: Website who is quoting multiple sources on the page will be better ranked then the quoted ONE. Why? Because has a more wide specter of knowledge and Google likes surprises ( if positive), since is using this to improve score rank.

The future of Google and SEO?

What the Google stated is that the completely new Google search engine is under construction. That doesn’t mean that they are not testing. What they said is that new Google will be personalized. Only I can guess but will be that user interaction will lead to showed results in search. So if you optimize your webpage it doesn’t means that will be shown to all users. The web page will be shown to users which AI detects more matching, similar like YouTube is using for recommended videos. Will see.

Google core update?

Google releases a broad core updates several times per year. They like to say that this is an improvement of the search experience. Some people find it good and some bad. The latest officially published status check on their blog page.


September 12, 2022

Released the September 2022 core update. The rollout was complete as of September 26, 2022.

Google September Core Update – example how it looks

Google core update May 2022
Report and confirmation – Google core update May 2022

Core updates are confirmed because they typically produce some widely notable effects on the web sites. If you think that the core update hit you by mistake publish your story here.

Does CDN improve ranking?

This answer by John explains that CDN does not affects SEO but rather faster opening page for users and what they might seeing.

How PDF’s are being treated?

Google takes text out of the PDF and convert it as HTML and shows as HTML.

PDF link to page

The best way is to include a link to the original page on the top of your PDF file.

October 24, 2021

AMP for the pages? AMP for the Google News? Are you into publishing industry? Read this!

This twit says it all:

AMP a good thing?
Check the article on the: Google throttled AMP page speeds

Giving someone a full control over your content is not always a good idea.

Multitask Unified Model – MUM

What is MUM and where to find relevant and updated information about it?
Normally there is always a Google blog post about SE news.
MUM is:
Helping you understand more about your query by giving you more suggested answers.
Reducing your searches to get the answer.
Remove language barriers.
Understand information from different formats like webpages, pictures and more, simultaneously.
My opinion:
Will offer you more related sponsored products regarding your search with a related title links.

What is BERT

BERT “Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers” is the first deeply bidirectional, unsupervised language representation, pre-trained using only a plain text corpus. Find out more.

This can happen as well

google core update august 2021 google analytics
Data anomalies in Search Console

ChatGPT for SEO

Any kind of text with a human editing is approved by Google. Basically means: Use if you want AI to get text but edit the text to be more human reading friendly. Write the text for humans if you target them 🙂

Using AI or ChatGPT for inspiration

Is a great tool with the keyword suggestions from SEMRush and others. After some time you will see that returning audience is lower and lower. I would use more ethical approach of writing text.

Using AI, automatically generated content or ChatGPT for title tag generation

Is not a right approach since you know your audience better then others. And there are many of AI who help you write nothing and even avoiding AI written detection with an ethical approach. I don’t use AI at all.

More about BING SEO and BING chat on the page about it.

BING vs Google seo

Back to Google from Bing AI chat

AI Generated Content Is Against Guidelines

Google’s Search Advocate John Mueller says content automatically generated with AI writing tools is considered spam, according to the search engine’s webmaster guidelines.

Search Algorithms are still pretty new with this matter and AI is getting “smarter” so this is a cat and mouse game. But Search algorithm is addicted of removing spam.

What I see that some pages with generated text are showing high in search but after some time they just disappear.

Example is, when you search for some local content and you click the page where the text is full of search terms and is showing almost 100% your search queries with a place you live in. After further search you see that the whole webpage is using same content with other pages just changing the tags or “city names”.

With AI generated text you can have a multiple duplicated texts across the web.

If you want to have a long term business do not just copy paste whatever.

BING Microsoft just announced new AI feature and Barry was there to update us all.

August 23-24 (Search, Discover)

An internal problem caused a data loss in Search and Discover performance during this period. Users might see a significant data drop in their performance reports during this period. This does not reflect any drop in clicks or impressions for your site, only missing data in Search Console.

How do I know that I was hit?

By impressions is hard to say, by clicks as well. For my opinion is by position of the page in Google search console.
Impressions can vary by the users interactions and a season of the interests. Clicks follow impressions and only by position which is marked by orange color you can trace the hit.

check Twitter for a post or check the blog page.

June and July core update by google
June core update was a good thing for my client

Facebook Outage 4.10.2021

As a part of the Digital marketing strategy is to promote your content on social media. This latest example of Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp outage is a pure example that the Web content should be primarily focusing on showing the content in search results other then paying facebook ads.

SEO in wordpress?

It helps a lot. There are plenty of plugins you can use who are offering other then free and premium services.

I have a small local Business website and limited budget, do I need SEO agency – consultant?

SEO agency or SEO consultant will only help you rank better on Google. If you already have a web page and you see the site is shown on google but few clicks (CTR is low) or users do not interact with it, you need an improvement with SEO.
Google itself shows the relevant searched keyword with description of your website who gets from the content on the page no matter is search engine friendly.
SEO will do that users click your page more likely if they like the matches of your webpage description and titles.

I have a big scale Business website, do I need SEO specialist?

Must have!!! The competition is already having a SEO and marketing expert. Since this crazy times started everything is going online.

E-commerce SEO agency – Consultant?

Again, must have! Build a SEO strategy before publishing more products online. In the beginning is much easier to start with optimization then later. Is also possible later but needs more time to develop and improve.
Take care to have a product as a valid and recognized structured data product.
Good optimized description with the relevant and up to date quantity status, images, …
Best practices for ecommerce in Google Search

And great 8 tips if you read between the lines 🙂

Google Search Central Video.

A lot of to discuss about the SEO but to Write good tittle doesn’t means that Google will publish as it is, since it rewrites the Tittle links.
Writing an unique description doesn’t means that the competition will not use your quotes. Well who will then rank better?

E-commerce website, SEO doesn’t works

Try with “Shopping”, place a products to the google shopping or Google Merchant Center
Plenty of the reasons why the website is not good positioned in the search results. Once you get a first place in the search results it would still be not enough. At the end you will get a ~50%CTR but people will search around for a better price, so you will pay the ads, etc.
Try to build a trust with users.

Why is Google not working for us anymore, question.

This video explains all the SEO steps to follow. I highly recommend to watch it. I put a video starting mark where the solution is but watch it from the start. Is great!

Local SEO services

Local SEO strategy is the best way to achieve the results. You know the best who are you potential customers and target them or only ONE. Yes, targeting only one customer will help you strategy works with others.
Start with Google My Business.
Local language?

SEO hreflang?

How Peter helped me with a local language settings and now there is a x-default post explaining in detail on Google search central blog..
The value of the hreflang attribute identifies the language (in ISO 639-1 format) and optionally a region (in ISO 3166-1 Alpha 2 format) of an alternate URL. (The language need not be related to the region.)
For example:
de: German language content, independent of regionen-GB:
English language content, for GB usersde-ES: German language content, for users in Spain”
All you need is to remove GB from en-GB: and just leave en: Which means that the content for the English speaking users across the globe no matter the location. If you want only the content to be shown for a users in the specific region target it with a both attributes.

Search Engine Optimization Europe

Since is a huge market but too many languages/borders is very hard to sell something outside of your local language.
Getting a trust with buyers will make this barrier off.
So, what can you do is not only translating a website in English but get a trust of the users by showing that you are real. Show your address, contact to be visible (We speak…).
What do Dutch companies in Belgium is having a same website/content with just a BE or NL language option and is working. Till you order will see no difference. Benelux has a similar language and people trust they will be no tricked.
Just place your products into Merchant Center with a link to your very same website product.
The price needs to be visible in meta description. Users when scroll see the price and you will have bigger CTR.
Place an image of the product with URL which contains: name of the product, category, buy term(in your lang.), *two words description(no special characters Ö=oe, č=c, ë=e,…). People then can find you by searching images of the product.
Write a internal/ external pages blog and show that you know about the topics you sell.

Buy Local SEO, local hosting servers

Find a good/verified/trustworthy by community local/country Hosting company with a (if possible 24/7) agent customer support. Speed and no offline mode is important factor for the users and Google.
BuyLocal (#BuyLocal) means also for you to buy and use local services like: hosting, web developer, search engine advisor, …etc
Extra thing is to ask a server providers about: Carbon Emissions.

Number 1 on the google search or at least first page?

Number 1 position is chosen and rewarded by Google algorithm and can not be set by humans.

Maybe with this corona times some pages are ranked or showed higher by employees of Google but this is health and “safety first” circumstances or with PPC with GoogleAds.

ctr by position on the first page

CTR by “average position” on the first page.
Changing the Meta title sometimes increases the CTR.

*indicative data shown

Perfect SEO formula for ranking from third party software or SEO agency

No such a thing.

Additionally take care of third party software keyword suggestions. First write what you know and then starting using this keywords.

Real time improvements by implementing SEO strategy
Good example of implementing SEO strategy for a local shop website
  • Create Relevant Content with the Keyword Research of the topic or improve existing by optimizing content.
  • UI and UX experience
  • Trace and monitor the analytic of the page
  • Interaction with the clients and ask for improvements and suggestions.
  • Offer more then seasonal /trending content
  • Make the users come back, they should become your returning, direct traffic and regular visitors.
  • Get your website on Google SERP features


Pages who are marked with 404 will not be indexed according to Google. Redirect the pages who are with status 404 to the pages with the new content or if deleted with 301 permanently or 302 temporarily.

And what if the 404 page is linked?

What is the price of the SEO/SEA specialist?

The price is set by project or hourly.

If you have a website who just need one time optimization then choose hourly plan.
If you have a website that wants to attract more users and groves then choose a project plan price.

When I will see the results?

Results you can see:
New websites after 3-6-9-12 months and

Old webpage if is trustworthy according to Google the results are maybe shown after a few days.

Where I can see and track the results?

Google search conslo is helping you to monitore the results of the CTR, impressions
Google Search Console is a must tool to apply good SEO strategy

Google analytics, Google search console(webmaster tools). Most of the ranking agencies are using the data from Google or publicly visible data about the site. They show you up to date position and suggest improvements by choosing the costly monthly fee.

Specialist vs SEO Ranking software and when?

Man vs the machine was always the question for the society. We develop and learn machines and software.
If you want personalized relationship, faster, up to date answer and no waiting for the software update suggestions choose the freelancer. Ranking tools are good solution for tracking the results if you already have a team of people in the marketing.

I am satisfied with the ranking results, will I and How stay on this position?

To stay with high ranking you need everyday/regular improvements of the content and stay up to date with the google search engine guidelines .

Can SEO harm my website?

If you do a over optimization you can be penalized by google but following the above guidelines your absolutely safe and encouraged to do SEO for your website. Take care of the duplicate content and if any put the canonical links to the original.

New Website, Revamp?

URL structure stays the same.
(Old URL’s are redirected to the new ones. Google tracks up to “10 redirects”.)
Internal linking stays the same.
Content and layout stays the same.
Take care that technical elements are allied and you are good to go and the new webpage is indexable.

SEO evolution?

I have been here since 2012 and must say that Google search engine algorithm is highly intelligent and well trained to evaluate every single web page and put it on the right place. Content is the king as they say then and now, when people interact with it and good quality backlinks.

Build the good backlinks to your website by making the good content, make people recommend and link your website. The easiest practical example of what I mean is that I linked a pages with a link from/to this text.

Take care

disavow the links to your website with option disavow in google search console
Disavow links option in GSC

It could be the someone is trying to get reed of your site. SEO spam is called. Consider Disavow links to your site with the Search console, use with caution.
All the things that Google qualify for a good SEO can be turned against you.
Example of “bad ranking”: You write a good content and someone is scraping it and ranking better then you.
Linking your website from the spam sites (who google says is detecting very well and needs not to worry)
Google explained it here.

Where can I find a SEO agency, expert, specialist?

Since you are already here contact me for the SEO consulting advisory or do a search on Google an freelance websites. Before start with SEO:
have a website credentials (login for admin panel or hosting provider) with Google tools if available, set you financial budget and think about your needs? Good SEO strategy is also about social interaction and marketing. You need users to come back again.

What is SEO audit and where to check it?

SEO audit is a view of how well your website is doing in Google search. There is a plenty services and tools to check with the free limitations, free trials and paid for the premium services. Once listed your webpage on their services with allowing access to Google analytics and Search console data you help them, your competition and yourself to understand your webpage better. That’s why they give you free checkup with a limitations 🙂
I really like Screaming Frog and Web.Dev.

improvements of the page with seo consultant agency strategy implementing.
Statistic of the web page over one year

SEO Best practices

When Google rewards you with a top position in the search results my advice is to keep this position by

  • maintain the good interaction with the users (UX and UI).
  • Let them stay longer on your mobile/tablet/desktop webpage and share it on social media channels,
  • users get always updated information from it so they come back again and again not only via search but ratter direct (like you when open the news portal who you trust the most),
  • Write more content as a subcategories,
  • Quote and link it from the trusted sources
postion of the page over one year in the google search results. traffic Drops and increases
Position of the page over one year.

The position of the page varies over the time so the algorithm track the results of the users interaction. As the page is older and trustworthy Google reduce the fluctuations of the page position (till the new core update 🙂 ).

What is your price for SEO?

Depending on your needs I will calculate the price of the project.
If you need a one time SEO advisory the price is from 60 Euros/hour. Pleas bear in mind that I need first to see the webpage and make a strategy and calculate the price. That part is free.

If you need a regular and more then few hours SEO advisory contact me.


Reading the analytics data from your website will give you more in detail info about the users interests/interaction. There is a plenty data saved if you use GA tags already who are approved by users and luckily just need to be discovered.
Other then Google analytics use a google search console who can provide you with a site performance, keywords, indexing, page experience, sitemaps, URL removals, Core Web Vitals, security and manual actions, …etc
Combining a good content with SEO/SEA and AdWords/GoogleAds is a win win combination.

SEO doesn’t help?

If the competition is high and your site doesn’t bring the traffic you want to then consider paying for the clicks. Use Google Ads or social media ads to attract the potential users on the relevant search term.
If the clicks are bringing the money back don’t hesitate to invest more into improving the website by optimization.

If the site has a bad reputation according to Google by hacking, been hacked and not safe for the visitors, malware is present, bad content, scraping, a manual action against your site for unnatural links, paid links or link schemes that violate the quality guidelines Re-branding is the only solution.

If your site is hit with the manual actions or regular Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update who causes with traffic dropping …
Re-branding from the scratch with New domain is the only solution.
Manual action if exists is seen in the Search Console.

What should I take care about optimization?

  • Do not over optimize with keywords not related with the article content. Duplicate content on the web site do connect with the canonical links.
  • Structured data on the page contains no errors.
  • Pages are valid, indexed with no errors linked via backilnks or sitemaps.
  • Monitor for 404’s and do redirections.
  • (? not any more? )Speed index as today Core web vitals. Mobile friendly. The page content on the mobile, tablet and desktop versions is the same.
  • No Manual actions against your web page,
  • the site is not GEO targeting if not preferred (google rank pages differently in other languages and territories),
  • check the web archive of the web site if you buy existing,
  • Longer meta Tittle doesn’t harm your ranking even is not showed (again, if is relevant),…etc.

Extra tip about server side security and SEO

Website should be safe, trustworthy and online for good SEO strategy implementations.

Use Googe services like Google AdSenses and GoogleAds (AdWords).
AdSense Not only that helps you earn some extra money of your content but provide you updated information about the security of your websites. Is the same with GoogleAds which keyword planner tool you can use for the SEO of your website. Any malicious behavior on the website will be immediately noticed and ads will be not shown and you will be notified.
Take care of your spam emails (the first visible signal that you are the target of the malicious behavior and NEVER click the links if no trust worthy even is from a familiar person or a client).
Block some IP’s who are constantly showing on your log files with errors and broken links. Even try to immediately ban the IP address who try to reach specific link.

Where to check if my website is considered spam?

If your do a regular attention about your website you will get a message in a GSC about the malware or a similar activite. If you do a manual search for the safe web first search the Google safe browsing and do a sucuri scan.

Where to ask for help for the website, who to ask and how to contact Google?

Google Search Central Community or any other relevant forum.
Check the page speed page with Geo location and improved version on page speed check that allows you to test hundreds of URLs automatically.
Get related keywords.
More technical SEO
Bill Slawski (1961-2022) The legend of SEO

Here I will write a content that constantly will be updated. This is just my personal coverage of the subject. The search engine is constantly improving and updating.

All the information’s can be find in this 175 pages PDF true gold from Google

And plus, a Google Developers page where you can find all kind of tools for your webiste.

Forums? Cancel culture.

Seems in a big time that this kind of an online discussion information’s is gone. Social media channels are now forums. The last one disappearing is beautiful DPReview.
This proves the winner of the game profits vs quality competition. Best Quality content source like DPReview should be treated like art not for profit. But since is Amazon take care who you pay the subscriptions and why. If they can cancel, you do the same against them. Help them go Offline to save the millions and you Save your money!
And what about dpreview backlinks to the websites? Will it affect the website ranking on SE since will report error 500 in GSC?

Future of forums? Keep the discussions alive and published. Very important.

Since is all related with @ and # there should be more globally connected and combined.
Example: @depreview#Nikon#D810#fail#overExposed
With selected @ will come defined # category/menu, sub category of the forum/website

Social media tag is tagging a precise forum post. Then the website should recognize the call and publish the post. And other way around.

Post to other accounts.
Also post to.
But first is a call of privacy 🙂 If you already have an account on the forum your name becomes NickName.

What is Google?

Google LLC is an American multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products, which include online advertising technologies, a search engine, cloud computing, software, and hardware.

Is Google the number 1 search engine?

By 70% wordwide and 85% of mobile users searches are done with it.
There are also: BING, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu. What market you targeting choose their services and follow the guidelines.

How do I make my product/site searchable and shown on Google?

First you need an online website, page or product page who is shown all the time on the internet and publicly visible and answering the the users needs.

Why to build a personalized website?

You should build a website to improve your company online presence, update your existing users and attract new ones. Any optimization should be geared toward making the user experience better. Google or any other SE will notice that and reward you with the higher position or better ranking on the search results.

Free vs Paid website?

There is a plenty of “free website” services who are good for the start but as soon you will need to make some changes, more into branding demands you will need your website and have more control over it.
Keep informed that: If you want a domain, buy it on your behalf, redirect to the site you want and renew it yearly!! That way You are the owner of the domain which is very very important! I use GoDaddy.

Ok, I want to have a personalized website?

Find a freelancer, agency or DIY?
Do it yourself website:
If you want to build your website and you have time, will and knowledge, start with WordPress since updated users Q&A knowledge base is presented on Google.

How does the search engine works?

Web crawlers gather information from the webpages and organize it in the Search index. When users search they get a quick answers to their queries.