My personal experience about Google and SEO

When to start with SEO?

You are never too old to start with SEO. In my scenario I started in 2009 with Joomla and 2012 with SEO when I saw a drops in ranking of my important landing pages in the tourism industry website.
It all started when the webpage was ranking very high for the searched keyword terms with high competitions.
I added an extra layer of traffic other then organic with Google AdWords and social, everything was as should be.
IN April 2012:
my site disappeared from the search.
My AdWords account was: “Your AdWords Account: Account Suspended”

Dear Advertiser, Thank you for your email.

*** Please do not respond to this system-generated email. ***

While reviewing your account, we found violations of our AdWords policies in this or a related account. As a result, your account has unfortunately been suspended, and your ads will no longer run on Google.

The Google AdWords Team

Watching a bunch of the Matt Cutts videos on YouTube and following the procedure suggested I submitted a reconsideration form whoever after some time replied that everything is fine with my website. Website never ranked as good as it was but at least is ranked in the search.

I have had a look at your account 505-***-**** and can see that your site is not in violation of our policies, so your site has not been suspended by our system.

The Google AdWords Team

Later in the videos of webmaster centrals Matt explained that some site owners which sites were hit by a drop in ranking and were not “complaining” were obviously a spam 🙂

IN that time there was an website who ranked the self submitted websites by traffic and data for the registered users were visible. There I learned a lot about what keywords should i target with my website (like right now SEMRUSH and,… etc). Direct competition and visible keywords with still open google search results clicks. The best ranked was one still existing and perfectly ranked webpage who every day had a 20,30clicks in few hours of the high competition keywords from the same IP address. Since google turned off the search results data the web page where this all was published went offline.

The battle with switching from Joomla desktop page to a WordPress mobille friendly was a hard tusk. Keeping the articles and URL’s was most important. There I found MySQL very useful and still is. Keep it clean and speed is improved.

And there started the hacking. As an important factors of SEO ranking is a safety and trustworthy. Every year in April is a period of a final “getting ready for a summer season” cleaning and maintenance of the webpage and is for the attackers. Keep index page backup was a valuable advice. Then trace and find were attack was from and what caused the hack.
Luckily was able to find the true IP of the attacker. After that I took the websites security above the speed and design importance level. Index page was few times with a strange music, animated picture scene with a man with sward in one hand and other hand holding a head….Terrible experience for me and for the users.
The hacks are still present nowadays, clearly visible in the log data but today I think is more about selling users data and making money of it then promoting your group as a good hackers and for a small money get rid of the competitions.
April 2012: Penguin update, AdWords suspended and as a final touch was a hacking.
What a beginning of the summer season for vacation rentals.

Dear AdWords Advertiser,

To reflect real-world borders of Serbia and Montenegro, we’re splitting
Serbia Montenegro into two location targets.

One or more of your campaigns is targeting Serbia Montenegro.

● Starting on 10/24/2012 we will be deleting Serbia Montenegro as a
location target in your campaigns and we will add Serbia and Montenegro as
separate location targets to the same campaigns.
● We recommend that you monitor your campaign’s traffic during the
migration and adjust campaign settings as appropriate to optimise your
performance in each country.

AdWords Team