Page drops in search results. Example: sudden impressions and clicks drop for a specific keyword.

The page suddenly lost impressions in search results which follows drop in ranking. Page was lost for the most important keyword.

Why is my page missing from Google Search?

  • Semrush weekly recap showed lost impressions for a very important keyword in a specific GEO location and language
  • GSC shows no change in impressions
  • Manually search the page in the target geo. area, language and key-term shows page is not indexed (site:)
  • Desktop google version of search shows the page is properly rendered
  • Mobile search same search scenario shows no page indexed
  • Search with site:page link on mobile shows page has NO TITLE and NO URL

Asking the community in webmaster forum (google search forum) – no answer.
Asking the community in SEO plugin Yoast forum, resulting is not plugin related.

SEMRUSH weekly recap

Semrush weekly recap “Position Tracking Update” showed that impressions drop was for real.

Visibility from 100% to zero for a specific keyword.

Test Live URL

Test live URL shows that page has a URL and page title indexed.

Request indexing

After request indexing is requested page after few hours is showed and meta title and url. is showed.

Disappears from search

After few hours and days page again was missing from search.

no rendered url in google search and no meta tittle cause google drop page from index

The page when is no indexed. Reason was no meta title and URL as you can see. Search the page url with site: page url.

The image above shows that page has no meta title and URL rendered in mobile search results. This triggers google to not show the page in mobile search results. That’s how you loose a game. You should always trace the impressions drop. This is the first step to loose the ranking against all the others.

Manual actions in Google search console

GSC shows no manual actions.

Security and content related issues

No security and content related issues on the page or website.

Plugin Yoast: SEO title tag and Yoast slug (URL)

The page has properly filled url and meta title.

Google rewrites title tags and meta descriptions

Yes aware of this but why empty url and title?

Conclusion, after several request indexing with GSC

Page now is showed. Something changed in a way google rendered the page or maybe forum writing at Yoast helped.

  • Google rankings Dropped
  • Identify lost keyword Ranking ASAP
  • Recover Lost and Declining Keywords